School Appreciation Program

School Appreciation Program

School Appreciation Program
School Appreciation Program

Do you know that we have a School Appreciation Program for Educators? Get great financing *and* support the school of your choice!

In appreciation of your service to our community, we want to offer you a special opportunity to save money on your home purchase/refinance. Being a school teacher is awesome! Our team wants to serve you!
At First United, we take great pride in being a community bank and supporting the people who help make the lives we all live possible.

Let us help you secure the best possible financing:

  • Quick Approval
  • First-time home buyer loans
  • Flexible repayment options
  • FHA, VA, and USDA loans
  • Construction to permanent financing
  • Jumbo Loans
  • Debt consolidation

All Borrowers receive $200 off your mortgage loan closing costs, plus $100 to be donated to your school.

*To be eligible for this special offer your mortgage loan must be closed and funded by January 1, 2019. Not valid with any other offer. Verification of current primary or secondary school employment by borrower and/or co-borrower will be required. First United will donate $100.00 to the Primary or Secondary School of your choice or teachers can specify for their classroom fund. The recipient school must be a qualifying public school or have status under 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Step 1: Get pre-qualified

Once you’ve decided that you want to buy a home, you should determine what payments you can comfortably afford. We provides many tools such as an affordability calculator that give you a general idea of what your payments would be, but to get a better idea of the price range of homes to view, you should get pre-qualified. A pre-qualification is beneficial in many ways. Pre-qualification gives you an idea of what loan amount and purchase price you can afford. Second, it strengthens your offer to the seller and the seller’s real estate agent. Third, by getting pre-qualified, you’re getting a jump start on the approval process. Once you find your home and open escrow, you’re already a few steps ahead. Get pre-qualified today.

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