One-Time Close Construction Program

One-Time Close Construction Program
One-Time Close Construction Program

One-Time Close Construction Program

Planning to build? Ask our team how we can make the building process so much easier with our One-Time Close Construction Program … and no, it’s not too good to be true! #OneForAll #SpendLifeWisely

Homebuyers Advantages

You can get pre-qualified before you select a builder.

Save Money: Your closing costs are greatly reduced in this streamlined transaction – a significant savings over tow-time-close programs, where you pay closing fees fro a construction loan and again fro a permanent loan.

Convenience: One application. One qualification. One underwriting. One approval. Go through the paperwork only once fro your construction and permanent loans.

The one-time close program allows for the purchase of the lot if not already owned. We offer a variety of financing programs to choose from.

Lock in the Rate before you Start: The permanent interest rate can be locked and guaranteed before construction begins. This is especially advantageous if rates are heading up! Or, the Borrower may choose to modify or refinance to a different permanent loan product upon completion by meeting requirements.

Pay Interest only during Construction: This interim interest is tax deductible.

Deal with only One Lender: Simplify the home building process, eliminating uncertainty and reducing costs.

Keep Control: Buyer signs off and approves all advances to the builder.

* Subject to program guidelines

One set of loan documents. One closing. One mortgage. It’s that simple!